Haven Hospice Recognizes the special end-of-life needs of Veterans

Haven Hospice is committed to the “We Honor Veterans Program” through the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Our Level 4 Status underscores our special care and respect for all veterans.

• Our admissions include a discussion of the patient’s veteran status, every time.

• Every member of our team knows upfront what branch and in which era the patient served – thereby enabling unique, compassionate care for our veterans.

• It is our privilege to honor veterans through Pinning Ceremonies which say “Thank You for your service” and are unique to each patient (and their family and friends).

• The ceremonies include military branch specific certificates, lapel pins and Veteran “Bunnies” made by one of our volunteers.

• Haven Hospice appreciates the opportunity to set up or collaborate with others on community events such as Veteran coffees and Veteran specific holiday celebrations.

• Haven Hospice culture includes admiration and respect for those who have served our country at every touchpoint: beginning at employee orientation and continuing through ongoing in-service programs for clinical staff and volunteers.